Academic Policies and Procedures : Attendance Policy

All students attending ASCC are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. Students with excessive absences during the first two weeks of instruction will be administratively dropped. Instructors are required to include in their course syllabi the College’s attendance policy and have it distributed to students during the first week of instruction. A student cannot exceed six (6) absences for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, four (4) absences for Tuesday, Thursday classes; and three (3) absences for summer sessions. Students with excessive absences, in accordance to this policy, will receive a lower or failing grade for the semester or session.

A student can be excused from classes at the discretion or upon verification by the instructor, for the following reasons: medical reasons, family emergency, special curricular activities, military obligations, jury duty, and related official College sponsored activities. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with his/her instructor(s) for work to be made up for absences due to legitimate reasons. Students are required to submit in writing, justifications or provide appropriate documentation for absences to the Dean of Academic Affairs and when appropriate the Dean of Trades and Technology Division for approval.

Veteran students are to refer to the Student Services Veterans Educational Benefits sections for additional attendance requirements.

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