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Interoffice Extensions
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Contact Board of Higher Education / Administration

Contact Board of Higher Education (BHE):
Lina Aumoeualogo, BHE Administrative Assistant

ext. 406
1. Dr. Seth Galea'i
ext. 370
2. Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff
   Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
ext. 350
3. Dr. Rosevonne Pato
   Vice President of Administrative Services
ext. 487
4. Dr. Dan Aga
   Dean/Director, Community and Natural Resources
5. Matesina Willis
   Director of Research Foundation
ext. 401
6. Letupu Moananu
   Dean of Academic Affairs
ext. 320
7. Dr. Emelia Le'i
   Dean of Student Services
ext. 376
8. Michael Leau
   Dean of Trades and Technology
ext. 369
9. Dr. Lina Galeai-Scanlan
   Director of Teacher Education Program
ext. 431
10. Keseta Okenaisa Fauolo
   Director of Samoan Studies Institute
ext. 347
11. Tauvela Fale
   State Director, Adult Edudation Literacy & Extended Learning
ext. 331
12. Emey Silafau
   Chief Financial Officer
ext. 408
13. Sonny Leomiti
   Director, Institutional Effectiveness
ext. 482
14. Loligi Siaki
   Director of Physical Facilities Management
ext. 462
15. Sereima Asifoa
   Director of Human Resources
ext. 436
16. Grace Tulafono
   Chief Information Officer
ext. 432
17. Sifagatogo Tuitasi
   Director of Admissions, Records and Financial Aid Office
ext. 313
18. Dr. Herbert Thweatt
   State Director, Small Business Development Center

19. Tafaimamao Tupuola
   Director, University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities

ext. 441

20. Elvis Zodiacal
   Director of Learning Resources

ext. 420

21. Annie Panama
   Director of Student Support Services

ext. 415

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