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Welcome to the 2012-2014 ASCC General Catalog!

It gives me great satisfaction to present this latest edition of the ASCC General Catalog! Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information on the various academic programs offered by ASCC, as well as our general policies and procedures and a timetable of important dates for the coming semesters. I take special pride in the additional course offerings that have come with the expansion of our Teacher Education program, which is now offering courses at the 300 and 400 levels. The College has also established a program of evening classes, which are open not only to regular ASCC students, but also to community members whose daytime activities have precluded them from pursuing their goal of furthering their education.


Many of these expanded academic services have come in tandem with the major improvements to our campus made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Thanks to ARRA support, the College has spent many months on a number of projects to improve the learning environment for our students. All classrooms have undergone thorough renovations, and many now feature "smart" technology. New classrooms have come into use on the Upper Campus for Teacher Education, Samoan Studies and Fine Arts classes, and our computer labs have also been expanded with upgraded equipment.

While we feel truly blessed to have been able to improve our facilities through ARRA resources, the main priority of ASCC remains the ongoing development of our educational services. The majority of our faculty has recently attended training in the areas of Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes, which has resulted in a stronger unified focus of our teaching methodologies towards clearly defined goals. Over the last ten years, Service Learning has become a regular option within many of our classes, giving our students the opportunity to combine classroom content with service to their community. Along with its many research and community outreach programs, our Community & Natural Resources Division continues to develop locally-focused courses for students with an interest in agriculture and the environment.

The programs I've mentioned are just some of the many different fields of learning students can pursue here at ASCC. Taking the time to investigate the document you now possess is perhaps the best way to get the full picture of the diversity of learning opportunities available at our institution. The quality of our programs is made possible through the leadership and guidance of the Board of Higher Education, the dedication of our faculty, and the hard work of our administration and staff. On behalf of myself and all of these colleagues, I sincerely wish you the best success in your learning endeavors.


Dr. Seth P. Galea'i

President, American Samoa Community College

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