Student Registration
General registration is open to all students, and is held the week before the start of instruction.
Priority registration is open to continuing students only, and is held before the end of each semester. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.
During general registration, new and new transfer students have the first opportunity to register, followed by continuing and returning students. Please refer to the academic calendar for the specific dates.
The registration fee is paid at the Business and Finance Office. After payment, the registration form can be picked up at the Admissions and Records Office. Further instructions are available from the Admissions and Records Office.
If a student registers, but does not pay the balance of his/her tuition and fees by the required deadline, their registration will be automatically canceled.
If a student registers and pays only the required registration fees, the student is still responsible for the remaining balance of any tuition and fees. This includes balances incurred during priority registration. If the student is unable to attend classes, the appropriate add/drop or withdrawal procedures must be followed. Failure to attend classes does not exempt the student from paying any remaining tuition and fees.

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