Student Status

Students are assigned to a Student Status for registration and reporting purposes. The following status categories are used:

Continuing student is defined as a student who is degree-seeking and has been enrolled in classes during the previous semester.

Returning student is defined as a former degree-seeking student who has not been enrolled for one or more semesters. Returning students are required to update their admissions file before registration. They must follow the same admission and registration guidelines as new students.

New student is defined as degree-seeking student who has never been enrolled at ASCC and has completed the admission process.

New transfer student is defined as a degree-seeking student who has previously attended another institution and intends to complete their degree program at ASCC. A transfer student must complete the admission process, and is considered a new student for registration purposes.

Unclassified student is a non-degree-seeking student who wishes to take undergraduate courses at ASCC.

Inactive student is defined as a former student who is not currently enrolled at ASCC.

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