ASCC “Fresh Print” Club Contributes to Campus

The Fresh Print student organization at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) has made its presence felt this semester through a thoughtful contribution to the campus infrastructure. With funds raised from Walk-A-Thons over the last two semesters, they have purchased bag-hangers to be installed in the men’s and women’s lavatories, giving students somewhere to put their backpacks and bags while using the facilities.


ASCC President Speaks at Faculty Convocation

Fine Arts Department instructor Mr. Poe Mageo, chairman of the Faculty Senate at the American Samoa Community College, described a Convocation as an occasion for instructors to hear presentations on how they can better serve their students. For the College’s spring 2017 Faculty Convocation last week, the Senate asked recently-appointed President Dr. Rosevonne Makaiwi Pato to share the insights she has gleaned during her many years in the field of education, a journey which has taken her from an elementary school teacher to the President of ASCC.


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