American Samoa Community College


Courtesy of Admissions and Records FY 2015 3rd Quarter report

ONE-STOP Customer Service WINDOW:

The purpose of the One-Stop Customer Service window is to streamline all processes for admission, records, and financial aid. One of the goals of the One-Stop is to continue to deliver superior customer services to the best of our abilities to ASCC students.

During this reporting period, assistance was provided to approximately 757 students in the following areas (Note:  these numbers are not of unique count):

  • 125 - Students requested for their academic transcript – received requests.
  • 54 – Students picked up their completed transcript.   (All Completed)
  • 108 – Students picked up transcript request form.
  • 0 – Students checking on their transcript status.
  • 36 - Students requested their data change.  (All Completed)
  • 13 – Students requested Transfer Evaluation of off-island courses. (All Completed)
  • 2 – Students requested a degree re-order.  (All Completed)
  • 12 – Students requested enrollment verification.  (All Completed)
  • 0 – Students requested assistance with withdrawing from classes. 
  • 155 – New admission application for Summer 2015 received. 
  • 0 – Students who turned in their documents.
  • 0 – Prospective 2015 spring graduates completed program evaluations with the Assistant Registrar.
  • 0 – Students picked up their attendance form for financial aid.
  • 0 – Students turned in their attendance form for financial aid.
  • 0 – Students inquired on their batch numbers for financial aid.
  • 7 – Students picked up their degree for 2014 fall term.
  • 36 – Students signed up for appointments to see their assigned financial aid counselor including turning in their financial aid clearances for the current term.
  • 79 – Graduate students requesting for 2015 Spring grade reports.
  • 108 – Students picked up their cap and gown for the Spring graduation.
  • 43 – TED summer registrants who were provided assistance with registration.
  • 55 – Students picked up their degree from 2015 Spring graduation.
  • 0 – Students adjusted their schedules for the current term.
  • 0 - Students inquired on the Federal Work Study program.
  • 83 – Assistance provided to students who took the summer placement test on 5/27-5/28/15.  Note:  Report on students who sat the late, late placement on 6/23 and 6/24 will be on the last quarterly report.
  • 51 – Students adjusted their schedules for the summer session.

Out of the total of 155 new admission applications received:  113 are New to ASCC, 14 are Early Admissions, 7 are Non-Degree (Certification for TED), 7 are Returning students, 7 are Off-Island (Non-Degree), 2 are Transfer students, 4 applied but are not attending Summer.  1 applicant is still awaiting immigration clearances.

Total SAT scores used for placement – 39; 83 students’ ASCC placement scores were used.  Further noted that 7 students that took both tests wanted to compare both tests so the highest placement will be used:  5 students placed high using the ASCC placement, 2 were placed high using SAT scores, and 1 had the same placement using both scores.