American Samoa Community College


Courtesy of SLAC FY2015 3rd Quarter Report

For the months of April-May-June 2015

Summary for English and Math:

  • Overall total of 171 students seeking tutoring assistance for this 2nd quarter
  • Overall total of 73 students  came in seeking tutoring assistance in English and History subjects
  • Overall total of 98 students  came in seeking tutoring assistance in Math subjects
  • Overall total of 49 students from the 73 students from English & History subjects were referrals.
  • There were No referrals for Math.

Evaluations forms by peer tutees were completed and turned in. The Evaluation form is used after each tutoring session as one of the measures we provide to assess the effectiveness of our tutorial services.

Individuals with more tutoring sessions will be followed up with Admissions at the end of each semester regarding their success rate.