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  1. TED Closing the Loop Presentation
  2. ASCC Fact Book 2010
  3. Financial Audit Reports *
    [scroll down to Financial Audit Reports]
  4. ASCC General Catalog 2010-2012
  5. Course Syllabi for ED 300-400 level courses
  6. ASBEP Catalog 2010
  7. Quarterly Report 2007-2011 *
    [scroll down to Quarterly Reports]
  8. Institutional Strategic Plan (2009-2014)
  9. Personnel Manual
    [scroll down to Manuals]
  10. Education Advising Sheet 2010-2011
  11. Education Program Brochure
  12. TED Curriculum Framework
  13. Low-Grade Report Form
  14. 411 Weekly Newsletter
  15. Tutoring Directory
  16. Practicum Observation/Evaluation Forms
    - Field Practicum Evaluation Form
    - Student Observation Form
  17. GEO PowerPoint Presentation Fall 2011
  18. ASCCWebsite
  19. Student Teaching Syllabus and rubrics
  20. Student Teaching Handbook 2012 [Available On Campus]
  21. ASCC Governance Manual
  22. Faculty and Staff Performance Evaluation Forms (Combined)
  23. ASCC Student Satisfaction Survey
  24. Course Evaluation Form
  25. Student handbook
  26. Articulation Agreements (Combined)
  27. FY 2012 Goals and Objectives Report
  28. Program Review Reports
  29. Program Review template
  30. TED Personnel Resumes (Personnel Files) *
  31. List of Education Titles from ASCC Library/ERC 2011 ( - Search Library Catalog; Catalog tab, Number, Call Letter "ER")
  32. ARRA Reports [Available On Campus]
  33. Technology Plan (Institutional Strategic Plan 2009-2014, Pg. 27)
  34. ASCC Organizational Chart
  35. Board of Higher Education By-Laws
  36. Board of Higher Education Policy Manual
  37. Resume for President Seth Galea'i and Chief Financial Officer Emey Silafau
    [scroll down to 27. Resumes]
  38. Minutes of Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate and General Faculty meetings [Available On Campus]
  39. WASC/ACCJC Self Study and Follow-up Reports [Available On Campus]
  40. Assessment Exit Reports *
    [scroll down to Assessment Documents]
  41. Annual Reports
    [scroll down to Annual Reports]
  42. Student Learning Outcome Presentations by Academic Department