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General Education Credits

Program requirements for specific degree programs cannot be applied to the General Education requirements for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. The total educational credits required for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science degree or a Certificate of Proficiency for graduation are identified under each of the Educational Plans in the catalog. (Refer to the Academic Programs page for the specific requirements).

Catalog Requirements

A student must satisfy either the graduation requirements in effect at the time he/she first enrolled as a classified student in a specific ASCC degree or certificate program, or the requirements in effect at the time of his/her graduation. A student whose enrollment is interrupted for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) must complete the requirements in effect at the time the student is readmitted or the requirements in effect at the time of his/her graduation. Any exceptions must be petitioned to the appropriate Dean.

The college reserves the right to change the requirements for graduation at any time, and candidates may be required to comply with all changes pertaining to the incomplete portions of their requirements.

Program Credits

Upon completion of all degree requirements as specified in the course catalog, a student may qualify for more than one degree given the following:

  1. The 12 credits required for the major are not applied as electives for the second degree
  2. The 12 credits required must be taken at ASCC

Elective Credits

Courses may be considered electives if they are numbered 150 or higher with exception to the following courses:

  • SAM 101A
  • SAM 101B
  • MSL 101
  • MSL 102

Electives are courses identified for General Education and program credit fulfillment for an Associates of Arts /Associates of Science Degree.

Awarding a Degree or Certificate

All specified program requirements must be completed for the Associate Degrees and the Certificates of Proficiency in order to be awarded a Degree or Certificate.