American Samoa Community College

Report Preparation:

In the beginning of September an ad hoc committee was formed and charged with the writing of the ASCC Show Cause Report. Chaired by the Vice President of Administration and Finance with guidance by the Acting President, ALO, and Assistant ALO, ACCJC expectations were clarified to guide committee members for the drafting of the report. Committee members include:

  • Dr. Mikaele Etuale, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Dr. Rosevonne Pato, Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs/Acting President
  • Mrs. Letupu Moananu, Dean of Academic Affairs/Assistant ALO
  • Dr. Emilia Le’i, Dean of Student Services
  • Dr. Daniel Aga, Director of Community and Natural Resources
  • Mrs. Okenaisa Fauolo-Manila, Director Samoan Studies Institute
  • Mrs. Emey Silafau-Toa, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Grace Tulafono, Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Shirley De La Rosa, Teacher Education Faculty
  • Mr. Fred Suisala, Trades and Technology Chairperson
  • Mr. Michael Leau, Director of Trades and Technology Department
  • Ms. Tafaimamo Tupuola, Director of University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities
  • Mr. Sonny J. Leomiti, Director of Institutional Effectiveness/ALO
  • Mrs. Evelyn Fruean, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Mrs. Jessie Su’esu’e, Procurement Officer
  • Mrs. Sereima Asifoa, Human Resources Officer
  • Ms. Annie Panama, Program Director of Counseling
  • Mr. Elvis Zodiacal, Director of Library Services
  • Mrs. Virginia Filiga, Institutional Researcher


The composition of the Show Cause Committee consist of members who were part of the subcommittees that worked towards the addressing of the Visiting Team’s Recommendations since early March.

All committee members were assigned particular Accreditation Standards and Eligibility Requirements. The ALO and Assistant ALO provided members with the following documents:

  • ACCJC Accreditation Eligibility Requirements
  • ACCJC Accreditation Standards
  • ACCJC Guide to Evaluating and Improving Institutions-July 2015 Edition
  • ACCJC Protocol for Creating/Submitting Evidence
  • ACCJC Suggested Formatting and Style Sheet-Revised July 2014
  • ASCC Internal Show Cause Sanction Report and Analysis of actions taken to address ACCJC Recommendations
  • ASCC 2014 Self Study Report
  • ASCC External Evaluation Report
  • ASCC Participatory Governance Structural Manual


Show Cause committee members were given the opportunity to select members who served on the subcommittees to assist in the writing of the Accreditation Standards and Eligibility Requirements. Expectations for reviewing standard indicators, evidence accountability, and the formatting of the report were also provided to assure that the report complies with the ACCJC requirements. A timeline was also set for the compiling of the report. The committee as a whole reviewed all reports for final preparations and formatting for approval, submission to the ACCJC, and internal dissemination.

A complete report on the ASCC’s Show Cause Sanction and full listing of constituents involved is included as evidence in the report.