American Samoa Community College

15.  Student Support Services:
The institution provides for all of its students appropriate student support services that foster student learning and development within the context of the institutional mission. (Standard II.C.1, and II.C.3)

The mission of the ASCC Student Services Division is to support the educational pursuit of all students attending ASCC through an active concern for high quality services, student access, learning, progress and success.1

The College is dedicated to helping its students attain their highest educational potential and to provide them with a firm foundation for lifelong learning.  The College is committed to offering a diverse program of student services to support and promote attainment of student educational goals. Major components of this network are available to students from the time they apply for admission through graduation and beyond.  These services and programs include the following:2

  • Admissions
  • ASCC Wellness Center
  • Career Transfer Center (CTC)
  • College Access Challenge Grant Program:  Outreach and Recruitment
  • Counseling-Academic, Career, Personal, Transfer, Diversity, Tutorial and Veteran
  • Financial Aid (Federal Pell grant/Federal Work Study and Non Pell Work Study)
  • Library
  • New Student Orientation
  • Records
  • Student Learning Assistance (SLA) Center-Annex-Tutorial
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Scholarships and Loans (ASCC, ASG, private and national)
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Student Services3

The College assures that its student and learning support services are regularly reviewed on an annual basis using the Non-instructional Divisional Assessments- Program Review.
Areas of review include divisional outcomes and mission, evaluation of program/department effectiveness and improvements, decision-making, personnel, staff development and facilities, equipment and technology, student support services, safety and emergency procedures, and planning and resources allocation.4

Section 10 of the Non-instructional Program Review instrument includes the availability and accessibility of services that include computer labs, counseling, library, academic tutoring, academic advising, campus life, and access to admission services and records.5

In August 2015, the Board of Higher Education made changes to the ASCC Organizational Chart to bring together all student services departments under the Dean of Student Services. Departments include the Library, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Records.6

The changes to the Organizational Chart allowed the Division of Student Services to develop a Comprehensive Student Services Manual to focus on student support services offered and for consistency in tracking students in accordance to the ASCC institutional-set standards.7As a result of broad-based discussion in the setting of ASCC’s institutional-set standards, student support services were linked to each institutional standard to ensure that reliable services are provided to students as a measure to improve and solidify divisional instruments and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).8

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