American Samoa Community College

IV.A.7.  Leadership roles and the institution’s governance and decision-making policies, procedures, and processes are regularly evaluated to assure their integrity and effectiveness.  The institution widely communicates the results of these evaluations and uses them as the basis for improvement. 

As a result of the evaluation of governance structures and decision-making as documented in the meeting minutes of the Board of Higher Education, Program Review data on governance concerns, and recommendations of the accrediting commission, the following actions were made to address the integrity and effectiveness of leadership roles and governance:

  • Institutional Effectiveness division was placed directly under the authority of the President 1
  • Appointment of a new Accreditation Liaison Officer  2
  • Appointment of an Assistant Accreditation Liaison Officer 3
  • Revision of the ASCC Organization Chart 8/28/15.
    • All Directors, Deans, and Officers were placed under the direct supervision of the Vice Presidents
    • All Student Services divisions were placed under the supervision of the Dean of Student Services
    • Title changes were made to reflect the distinct responsibilities of deans, directors, program directors, and officers of service divisions

The institution has organizational structures and processes that are regularly evaluated through regular reporting and review and revision of SOPs. The IPR and DA provide regular avenues for evaluation of processes and decision-making structures, identification of weaknesses, and plans for continuous quality improvement.