American Samoa Community College

III.A.8 An institution with part time and adjunct faculty has employment policies and practices which provide for their orientation, oversight, evaluation, and professional development.  The institution provides opportunities for integration of part time and adjunct faculty into the life of the institution.

ASCC part time and adjunct faculty undergo the employment procedures for recruitment and hiring criteria as administered by the Human Resource Office as per governance policies and personnel procedures. Applications for part-time faculty positions are continuously accepted. Human Resources maintain a list of eligible pool for each program in accordance with their qualification meeting the minimum qualifications and having completed specific training on student learning outcomes.  These trainings are provided during the beginning of each semester for new part-time/adjunct faculty. 

Due to the nature of part time/adjunct hiring, the departmental chair, program director or Dean will initiate the request with justification to the Human Resources by utilizing the Personnel Action Request – Recruitment Form1 as well as the Adjunct Teacher Request Form.2 Human Resources review the candidate’s qualifications to ensure that they meet the minimum qualification requirements and that their file is complete.  The hiring division is notified and the process proceeds to the respective Vice President before final approval by the President.  Human Resources will extend the employment offer to the applicant and a contract is initiated.