American Samoa Community College

III.D.16.  Contractual agreements with external entities are consistent with the mission and goals of the institution, governed by institutional policies, and contain appropriate provisions to maintain the integrity of the institution and the quality of its programs, services and operations. 

ASCC’s current contractual agreements are as follows:

  • Cafeteria Lease Agreement : Premise lease for Food Service
  • Contract No.C-003-2013:  A&E Service/design of Multi-purpose Center (MPC)
  • Contract No.C-003-2014:  Construction of Multi-purpose Center (MPC)
  • Contract No.C-003-2015:  Air Con Maintenance

These contracts are consistent with ASCC’s mission and goals in supporting student learning and institutional effectiveness.

All ASCC contracts are governed by policies set forth by the ASCC Governance Policy Manual, ASCC Procurement Rules 1, local, and federal guidelines and regulations. Control for termination and changes are included into the contractual agreement. The following termination clauses are examples of ASCC’s control implemented:

  • APPENDIX A:  “TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE” (a) ASCC may terminate performance of work under this contract in whole or from time to time, in part if the Contracting Officer determines that a termination is in ASCC’s interest etc.
  • APPENDIX B:   “TERMINATION FOR DEFAULT (CONSTRUCTION)” If the Contractor refuses or fails to prosecute the work, or any separable part thereof, with such diligence as will insure its completion within the time specified in this contract, or any extension thereof, or fails to complete said work with such time etc.  ASCC may by written notice to Contractor terminate etc.

ASCC’s external contracts follow and adhere to federal guidelines. The following federal guidelines are included in all contractual agreements: 

  • Non-Collusion Affidavit
  • Certification as to Current History Regarding Suspension and Debarment
  • Disclosure Statement (Disclosing that contractor is not related to those handling contracts for ASCC)
  • Ethical Conduct Standards for ASCC employees and Contractors
  • Employee Conflict of Interest
  • Davis-Bacon Act (applicable wage of workers are paid)

1 - Procurement Rules