American Samoa Community College

I.C.1.  The institution assures the clarity, accuracy, and integrity of information provided to students and prospective students, personnel, and all persons or organizations related to its mission statement, learning outcomes, educational programs, and student support services. The institution gives accurate information to students and the public about its accreditation status with all of its accreditors. (ER 20)

ASCC conducts regular review of its policies and practices regarding publications through the Division of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) as designated by the President to oversee all Media relations, publications, and all press inquiries for ASCC. 1

The President ensures institutional integrity by reviewing all publications before being released to the public. In addition, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and ASCC Press Officer further review ASCC press releases and ASCC public documents for accuracy and credibility review for the institution before being given to the President for his review and approval.

ASCC Board of Higher Education serves as the legal and fiduciary body that regularly reviews and approves policies to fulfill the mission of the College and this ensures the integrity of policies in regard to ASCC publications. The College President’s role is to recommend to the Board policies and changes to policies to support the Mission of ASCC. 2

ASCC presents and represents itself clearly, accurately and with consistency to its current and prospective students as well as the public and its personnel, by means of its catalogs, statements, and publications inclusive of those presented in electronic format. New or revised ASCC policies are reviewed by the Board of Higher Education. Academic and student policies, procedures, and publications are reviewed regularly following the biennial catalog review cycle ensuring its integrity and credibility in all its representations as stated and noted in its mission, goals and objectives, programs and services.

ASCC reviews the institution electronic representations as the source of information that is updated on a regular basis. All information that is electronically disseminated follows an approval process through IE.3 Catalog or policy changes are publicized as addenda on the electronic version via ASCC website and hard copies are available to Leadership Team, IPECC, and Academic Departments. All publications including electronic representation must follow the institutional procedures for review and approval prior to release.