American Samoa Community College

I.C.7. In order to assure institutional and academic integrity, the institution uses and publishes governing board policies on academic freedom and responsibility. These policies make clear the institution’s commitment to the free pursuit and dissemination of knowledge, and its support for an atmosphere in which intellectual freedom exists for all constituencies, including faculty and students. (ER 13)

ASCC’s Academic Freedom policy 5002 is stated in the ASCC Catalog and the ASCC Governance Manual as follows: 1

The ASCC recognizes the principles of academic freedom as expressed by the American Association of university professors. Academic Freedom is observed for the common good, the common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition. Academic Freedom is essential to these purposes and applies to teaching and research. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. Academic Freedom in its teaching aspect is fundamental for the protection of the rights of the ASCC instructor in teaching and of the student in learning.

The policy on student academic honesty is stated in the Governance Manual policy 5300 as Academic Conduct of Students and can be found on page 32 of the 2014-2016 ASCC Catalog as follows: 2

Academic Honesty and Integrity

 ASCC prohibits the following actions:

  1. Plagiarism, the submitting of one person’s written ideas or thoughts as one’s own without giving proper citation or credit to the original author; and,
  2. Cheating that includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized sharing of information on any exam with others before the end of all final exams; and,
  3.  The abuse of library or other institutional materials, misuse of library privileges and unlawful duplication and/or distribution of copyrighted materials; and,
  4.  Knowingly furnishing false information to the college with the intent to deceive or fraud; and,
  5. Forgery, alteration or misuse of documents, records, or identification; and,
  6. The attempted or actual theft or damage of college property.

Students caught will be reported to the Dean of Student Services to be disciplined and/or counseled which may result in probation, suspension or expulsion in accordance to the severity of the action.

1 - Governance Policy Manual 5002 Academic Freedom
2 - Governance Policy Manual 5300 Academic Conduct of Students