American Samoa Community College

I.B.8. The institution broadly communicates the results of all of its assessment and evaluation activities so that the institution has a shared understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and sets appropriate priorities.

The changes made at the College to comply with this standard were guided by Recommendation 1, 2, and 3.

The ASCC has mechanisms to solicit input from constituents on planning and evaluation. Program review is the key component of planning. Instruments used in program review are reviewed and approved by IPECC. The Instructional Divisional Assessment – Program Review solicits feedback in the following areas:

  • Input Measures: Institutional resources provided for a program of student to achieve stated mission goals and objectives. Main resources are facilities, equipment, teach qualifications and capacity, and professional development.
  • Program Operations: Criteria required information that directly relates to the instructional programs/departments of the College. Data includes the number of courses that were offered and assessed during each semester by each academic program/department.
  • Output Measures: Specific student characteristics developed after the completion of an academic program of study or course. Areas include tracking, course and degree certificate, retention, completion rates, and the assessment of Student Learning Outcomes.

In 2015, the divisional assessment distributed to all divisions focused on the following:

  • Evaluation  (Effectiveness)
  • Evaluation (Improvement)
  • Decision Making
  • Personnel
  • Staff Development
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Budget
  • Technology
  • Student Support Services
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures

Both Program Review results were shared with members in the Leadership Triangle who in turn shared it with their divisions. Results were used as the basis for planning divisional budgets.

Compliance Assist (CA) is a web-based data management system used by the college to collect information from the divisions on planning items. The system consists of three modules focused on institutional participation in different areas: Accreditation, Planning and Program Review.