American Samoa Community College

21.  Integrity in Relations with the Accreditation Commission:
The institution provides assurance that it adheres to the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards and Commission policies, describes itself in identical terms to all its accrediting agencies, communicates any changes in its accredited status, and agrees to disclose information required by the Commission to achieve its accrediting responsibilities. The institution will comply with Commission requests, directives, decisions and policies, and will make complete, accurate, and honest disclosure. Failure to do so is sufficient reason, in and of itself, for the Commission to impose a sanction, or to deny or revoke candidacy or accreditation. (Standard I.C.12 and I.C.13)

The ASCC has policies to assure its commitment to accreditation. Policies include Policy 3010.1-College Accreditation, Policy 3010.2-College Accreditation Administration, and Policy 3026-Unauthorized use of College Name.1

As an accredited institution under the purview of the WASC-ACCJC, the ASCC continues its commitment to adhere to the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditations Standards, and Commission Policies for which it has voluntarily applied for and was granted accreditation.

To assure continual compliance, ASCC submits its Show Cause sanction report to demonstrate that the College adheres to the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission Policies to sustain its accreditation status.

1 - BHE Approved Policies June 2014, pp. 10-11