American Samoa Community College

I.C.4. The institution describes its certificates and degrees in terms of their purpose, content, course requirements, and expected outcomes.

The college ensures that information about its programs is clear and accurate through ongoing review and updates by the academic departments, curricular review by the curriculum committee, and ongoing assessment of outcomes by the Assessment committee.  Degree and certificate requirements are listed in the catalog and noted on advising sheets.    Student learning outcomes are listed on course syllabi and course approval forms. 1

The College has defined SLO for all of its courses and programs offered as documented on Course Approval Forms (CAF) and course syllabi. All CAF are routed for signature approval and are filed with the Office of Academic Affairs to ensure the integrity of all its courses and programs. ASCC faculty is required to submit course syllabi for all courses taught on a semester basis.  All course syllabi are reviewed by academic chairpersons and administrators to ensure inclusion of SLO and alignment of course objectives and program learning outcomes (PLO) as listed on the topical outline.  All students are provided with a course syllabus at the beginning of the semester for each course taken at ASCC. The Office of Academic Affairs monitors submission of course syllabi, with the assistance of department chairpersons, to ensure students are provided with current course syllabi at the beginning of each semester. 2

The 2014-2016 ASCC General Catalog is available on the college website; Academic schedule is published in the media and on the website prior to the beginning of the semester.

Academic Affairs requires all course syllabi be submitted before the first week of instruction:  Course syllabi include the following: