American Samoa Community College

IV.C.2.  The governing board acts as a collective entity.  Once the board reaches a decision, all board members act in support of the decision. 

The composition of the Board reflects public interest with a cross-section of professionals and community representatives from throughout the islands. A majority of members hold doctoral degrees with one of them a medical doctor.  Three of the Board members are career educators. Three Board members serve in the clergy.  One is a retired US military veteran. Three members are women.

A number of Board policies affirm the need for the Board to act as whole.

Several provisions in Policy 2004.1 AUTHORITY OF BOARD COMMITTEES affirm the intent of the Board to act as a whole.  They are:

  1. B. Board committees shall: Not act of speak for the Board except when formally given such authority for specific and time-limited purposes.
  2. C. Not provide the President with approval, unless it is through the Board as a whole
  3. D. Avoid representation of the College, in part rather than with the whole
  4. F. Act as a committee of the whole …1

Policy 2004.3(F) states that:

“Chairperson shall have no authority on his/her own to make decisions about policies created by the Board….” 2

As a statement of the Board’s independence from undue influence, the following Policy 2002 Board of Higher Education Code of Conduct serves as a reminder:

“Board members shall conduct itself with proper authority and appropriate decorum as an individual or group when serving in the capacity of a Board member.”3

With the mentioned policies that governed the conduct of the board members, to demonstrate commitment, the Board of Higher Education acted upon their own governing issue with members perceived to have conflict of interest with their roles and responsibilities which resulted in the adoption of Policy 2002.1 on the Violation of the Law, Codes of Ethic and Conduct.

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