American Samoa Community College

IV.A.5.  Through its system of board and institutional governance, the institution ensures the appropriate consideration of relevant perspectives; decision-making aligned with expertise and responsibility; and timely action on institutional plans, policies, curricular change, and other key considerations.

Policy 1001 - Governance and Organizational Structure refers to the structures and processes for decision-making and communication. Policy 3000 – Delegation to the President gives the authority to the President to implement, designate and detail arrangements for College operations. Policy 1002 - Organizational Charts detail the purpose of communicating reporting relationships and functional responsibilities of employees and management.

The PGSM clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all constituencies in governance and decision-making.  Broad based planning requires full representation of staff and faculty in the improvements of the institution. The planning subcommittees and institutional committee composition demonstrate broad representation and participation.

The importance of comprehensive Program Review and Assessment as detailed in Policy 1004 clearly emphasizes and highlights the importance of continuous efforts to be made toward institutional improvement.

Recent changes to the Organizational structure have allowed for more effective communication protocols promoting equal access to authority and better communications for effective management of the College. The changes have allowed for all divisions to be under the leadership of the Vice Presidents and the clear distinction between programs and services divisions.

Policy 3014 Forms Management.  Information vital to the success of ASCC that provides the basis for management decisions.

The college website is available to all employees of the college providing essential information and updated announcements.

Employees are aware of and follow divisional SOPs in achievement of goals and improvement of programs and services. Information is shared in meetings of the division, in committee meetings, and in publication and dissemination of institutional information.

Broad representation in committees has allowed for a wider awareness of the College efforts toward improvement.1

The ISP is distributed throughout the College and to government and external agencies providing a clear guide to institutional planning and efforts toward improvement in educational programs and services.

1 - Participatory Governance Structural Manual