American Samoa Community College

I.C.3.  The institution uses documented assessment of student learning and evaluation of student achievement to communicate matters of academic quality to appropriate constituencies, including current and prospective students and the public. (ER 19)

The College collects SLO data and Student Achievement Set- standard data on a regular basis.  All CLO and PLO are regularly assessed following an assessment cycle for all courses and programs.  Courses are assessed regularly and accordingly to a set cycle. The Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) has approved a two-year assessment cycle for all General Education, Core Foundational, Co-Foundational areas, and Developmental courses.

Faculty is required to submit General Education, Co-Foundational, Core Foundational, and Developmental/Pre-Collegiate data sheets for each course they teach by the end each semester to the Office of Academic Affairs for compilation. The Director of Curriculum and Assessment then compiles all data and disseminates the results to the academic departments/programs for analysis, summaries and findings. This allows faculty to analyze data and provide recommendations for improvement of SLO, teaching methodologies, assessment instruments and teaching pedagogy.

Student achievement and Assessment data are available to ASCC stakeholders through fact books, fact sheets, bi-weekly, quarterly reports, and annual reports.  These documents are available on ASCC website. 1

ASCC’s Compliance Assist, a web-based data sharing and management system, houses most of the institutional data collected by the institution. Access to Compliance Assist is limited to Deans, Directors and key staff responsible for entering progress of their divisional outcomes in a Quarterly Report template under the system’s Planning Module and to Self-Study Committee members to review evidence for the Self-evaluation process under the Accreditation Module.

1 - Fact Book/Fact Sheet 2014-2015