American Samoa Community College

III.D.3. The institution clearly defines and follows its guidelines and processes for financial planning and budget development, with all constituencies having appropriate opportunities to participate in the development of institutional plans and budgets. 

ASCC follows the budget preparation process in accordance with instructions as received from the ASG Planning and Budget Office. Each year the Fono (local House of Representatives and Senate) establishes budget ceilings for individual ASG departments and agencies, including ASCC, which operates as a semi-autonomous agency.

ASCC’s annual budget planning process ensures the broad base participation within the institution.  The process is as follows:

  • An official budget call is sent out to all deans, directors, officers, and managers (The Leadership Team).  The official budget call includes important documents and information that will assist the leadership team in preparing their annual budget proposal.  These documents are as follows: approved prior year budget details, historical expenditure data, current budget form, current Divisional Assessment – Program Review data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE), the Institution Strategic Plan (ISP), and the Academic Program Review  (APR) Report.
  • An institution budget training is conducted by the Director of IE, Human Resource Officer (HRO), and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • The leadership team conducts their budget review and planning. They may meet with the HR Officer and CFO as needed.
  • The leadership team meets with their presiding Vice President to discuss their budget proposals, fiscal resource allocation, alignment to the institution strategic plan, and for pre-approval. 1
  • The leadership team submits preapproved budget proposals to CFO
  • CFO compiles ASCC budget and prepares projected revenues for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Institutional Planning Executive Core Committee (IPECC) reviews the ASCC budget for alignment to the ISP
  • CFO finalizes budget with changes and submits to the President for approval
  • Board of Higher Education (BHE) review for approval to ensure budget alignment to ISP
  • CFO sends BHE approved budgets to the leadership team.
  • College budget is presented before the Fono hearing for the final approval

The final budget is available to College constituents, when approved by the Fono, at the finance division and is uploaded on Web Advisor.

Requests for reprogramming of line items or supplemental funding may be submitted to the finance division during the budget year, using forms and procedures that have been established and approved for general use by all divisions.2

The institution’s budget planning process ensures that all constituents are involved.  This promotes transparency throughout the institution and as a result it is able to manage its fiscal resources effectively to meet the institution’s mission and goals.

1 - Revised Policy 7001-Budget
2 - Finance Budget Review SOP