American Samoa Community College

III.A.3. Administrators and other employees responsible for educational programs and services possess qualifications necessary to perform duties required to sustain institutional effectiveness and academic quality.

ASCC employs qualified career service and contractual staff and administrators who provide academic programs and support services.
ASCC professional staff, including the administrators and faculty members, must meet the minimum qualifications with proven substantive directly related experience as set by each program. Appointments and promotions at ASCC are made solely on the basis of merit and fitness and when practical be ascertained by competitive examinations.1

Staffing priorities are determined based on data from Divisional Assessment and the Institutional Program Review.  The results determine the institution’s priorities within the Institutional Strategic Plan that identify appropriate staffing. The College formulates its annual budget, with priority given to instruction. A full list of ASCC personnel and their credentials can be found within the ASCC General Catalog 2014-2016.2

ASCC has sufficient administrators and other employees to meet its mission.  Faculty, staff, and administrators are organized in an effective manner to provide quality educational programs and support services to our students.  Institutional effectiveness is assessed through regular program review.

The institutional leadership regularly assesses and recommends both structural and functional organization for institutional effectiveness.  Changes are data driven and based on the emerging needs of the institution.

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2 - ASCC Catalog 2014-2016