American Samoa Community College

I.B.4. The institution uses assessment data and organizes its institutional processes to support student learning and student achievement.

The College ensures that results from student achievement are broadly communicated to internal stakeholders for accessibility, planning, and for decision-making. Data resulting from program reviews, student learning outcomes and achievement statistics are made available for institutional transparency on the ASCC website. This data is accessible to the ASCC’s constituents, decision-making groups, and external stakeholders.

IE monitors data submitted by the College’s departments/programs and disseminates accordingly through the approval process for transparency purposes. Disaggregated data includes student enrollment trends, student achievement indicators, student placement, developmental passing rates (pre-collegiate), degree requirements, graduation rates, and student opinion that are compiled in Institutional Data Sets (IDS).1

ASCC Institutional Data Sets

Type of Data Set:

Measure 1

Measure 2

Measure 3

Measure 4

Measure 5

0001: Student Achievement Data

Developmental Completion Rates

Gateway Course Completion Rates

Program Requirement Completion Rates

Persistence Rates

Graduation & Transfer Rates

0002: Student Enrollment Trends

Unduplicated Headcount

Enrollment by Age

Enrollment by Ethnicity

Enrollment by Major


0003: Student Placements

English Reading Placements

English Writing Placements

Math Placements

Scholastic Aptitude Test Placements

Placement Test Survey

0004: Developmental Passing Rates (Pre-Collegiate Courses)

Developmental English Reading Passing Rates

Developmental English Writing Passing Rates

Developmental Math Passing Rates



0005: Degree Requirements

Gateway Courses

General Education Courses

Core Foundational Courses

Co-Foundational Courses


0006: Graduation Rates

Degrees/Certificates Conferred

Degrees/Certificates Conferred by Program

Completer Data

Graduate Exit Survey


0007: Student Learning Outcomes

General Education Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes



0008: Employee Data

Number of Employees

Number of Employees by degree

Number of Employees by Ethnicity



0009: Student Opinion Surveys

Course Evaluation Survey

Student Satisfactory Survey




0010: Program Reviews

Divisional Assessment-Program Review Summaries

Institutional Program Review Summaries




0011: Student Services

Admissions  & Records Data

Tutoring Data

Counseling Data

Financial Aid Data

Library Services

1 - Institutional Data Sets