American Samoa Community College

I.A.3. The institution’s programs and services are aligned with its mission. The mission guides institutional decision-making, planning, and resource allocation and informs institutional goals for student learning and achievement.

ASCC mission is central to institutional planning and decision-making through the Institutional Strategic Planning process. This process already updated begins with Program Reviews, where all ASCC employees complete a Program Review survey. The Institutional Planning Executive Core Committee (IPECC) reviews the results of this evaluation. During this review, the IPECC identifies College priorities by aligning the results of Program Review to the Mission Statement. These priorities become the core of the Strategic Plan.1, 2

In 2009, ASCC conducted its Institutional Program Review and Divisional Assessment and in 2015 Divisional Assessment only, which involved the Academic and Administrative divisions of the College. From this review, four strategic areas were identified which were Academic Excellence, Staffing, Technology and Physical Facilities /Maintenance. Strategic goals were identified within each area to allow for a more detailed, integrated and broad based planning. After reviewing of the plans by all internal and external stakeholders, ASCC finalized its 2009–2014 Five Year Institutional Strategic Plan.