American Samoa Community College

III.B. 3.   To assure the feasibility and effectiveness of physical resources in supporting institutional programs and services, the institution plans and evaluates its facilities and equipment on a regular basis, taking utilization and other relevant data into account.

The institution conducts regular assessments on the use of its facilities through an annual assessment of fixed asset inventory, semester reports of lab, facility, and classroom usage, and daily inspection of facilities and campus grounds by security, maintenance, and other PFM personnel. Descriptions of these assessment processes are detailed in the Finance, Procurement, Academic Affairs, Library, and PFM SOPs.

  • Finance: (1) Assists in analyzing of facilities usage by updating expenditure reports.  This process is done monthly. (2) Updates Fixed Asset General Ledger Reports that contains building depreciation value information.
  • Procurement: Conducts Fixed Asset Inventory.  This is done annually.
  • Academic Affairs: Provides classroom usage report each semester
  • Library: Provides facility usage report each semester
  • PFM:  Prepares Job Order Summary Report to analyze facility maintenance needs.  This is done monthly.1

The institution uses the results of the evaluation to improve the facilities or equipment as evidenced in the revision of SOPs in the PFM, MIS, Finance, and Procurement divisions.  The college has used institutional program review and divisional assessment data to identify priority needs for facilities and equipment.  These priorities determine the specific areas in needs of immediate and long-term action.  As a result of the identification of priority needs and a plan of action, the institution was able to set a budget for maintenance, hiring, and training for the proper use and care of facilities and equipment.  The College has assigned to the Resource Management Committee (comprised of administrators) to manage the College’s resources. A form was developed to ensure data is used to assess proposed facilities whether it is new, renovated, and relocation of space or building.2

1 - Job Order Summary Report
2 - Facility Proposal Form