American Samoa Community College

I.C.9. Faculty distinguishes between personal conviction and professional accepted views in a discipline. They present data and information fairly and objectively.

The college communicates its expectations of distinguishing between personal conviction and professional views of faculty by adhering to Policy 5103 which states:

ASCC expects faculty members in all disciplines to demonstrate a consistent level of proficiency in facilitating their courses.  Demonstrated evidence in course content, applying facilitation techniques that enhance learning, and evaluating student’s performances both in oral and written course work per established ASCC standards.

This assures academic integrity and the commitment of ASCC to hire qualified faculty who will uphold professional standards. 1

The statements of Academic Freedom in the Governance Manual communicate the expectations that faculty distinguish between personal conviction and professionally accepted views in their discipline.

Faculty engages in discussion of Academic Freedom and other professional issues through Faculty senate meetings, Department/Program meetings, and planning committee meetings. In addition, there is informal discussion among colleagues. Adherence to ASCC policy as stated in the Governance Manual is evaluated through annual performance reviews of faculty.

1 - Governance Policy Manual 5103 Faculty Competencies for Instructional Effectiveness