American Samoa Community College

12. General Education:
The institution defines and incorporates into all of its degree programs a substantial component of general education designed to ensure breadth of knowledge and promote intellectual inquiry. The General education component includes an introduction to some of the major areas of knowledge. General education courses are selected to ensure students achieve comprehensive learning outcomes in the degree program. Degree credit for the general education component must be consistent with levels of quality and rigor appropriate to higher education. (Standard II.A.12, and II.A.5)

The General Education program is the core of the undergraduate degree for all students, regardless of their major.  The General Education Outcomes describe competencies students should be able to demonstrate on completion of the General Education requirements for an AA or AS degree.  All General Education courses with GEO are published in the ASCC Catalog.  The program is organized around five domains:  Communication, Information Technology Literacy, Critical Thinking, Global Awareness and Cultural Competence, and Personal Development & Responsibility.  The General Education requirements apply to students in the first two years of the B.Ed. program, with additional GE requirements embedded in third year courses.1

The General Education requirements consists of 13 introductory collegiate courses for all Associate Degrees listed below:2

  • Communication:  ENG 150, ENG 151, SPH 153
  • Information Technology Literacy:  ICT 150
  • Critical Thinking:  MAT 151 AND PHSCI 150/150L
  • Global Awareness & Cultural Competence:  HIS 150, HIS 151, HIS 161, HIS 170, HIS 171
  • Personal Development & Responsibility:  PSY 150 & HEA 150

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The General Education requirements for a Bachelor Degree is as listed:3

  • Analysis and Research: ED 300, ED 301, ED 340
  • Diversification: ED 300, ED 325
  • Technology Literacy: ED 340

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Associate Degree students are required to complete 28 hours of General Education courses, with B.Ed. students required to take four additional courses identified as General Education supporting the major. All General Education courses are numbered 150 or above, indicating College-level rigor.4

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