American Samoa Community College

I.C.12. The institution agrees to comply with Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, Commission policies, guidelines, and requirements for public disclosure, institutional reporting, team visits, and prior approval of substantive changes. When directed to act by the Commission, the institution response to meet requirements within a time period set by the Commission. It discloses information required by the Commission to carry out its accrediting responsibilities. (ER 21)

Accreditation with ACCJC Commission is made known to the public through the media.  The IE division follows protocol for public release of information to ensure accuracy and updated information.  Compliance with the USED regulations has been ongoing as is evident in Financial Aid, grant reports, and standard alignment of curriculum and programs.

The institution responded immediately to address accreditation issues and submitted substantive change proposals and reports as required to address the concerns of the commission.  The college continues to work with the commission and submits annual reports in demonstrating the progress toward improvement and achievement of institutional outcomes. 

All team visitations, commission recommendations, and institutional actions are shared with the college stakeholders and have been made public through presentations by the college and through the media.