American Samoa Community College

III.B.2.   The institution plans, acquires or builds, maintains, and upgrades or replaces its physical resources, including facilities, equipment, land, and other assets, in a manner that assures effective utilization and the continuing quality necessary to support its programs and services and achieve its mission.

The following information is used to determine the needs of programs and services and in planning the proper utilization of facilities:

  • Enrollment data
  • Annual Reports (Achievements)
  • Institutional Program Review
  • Divisional Assessment
  • 2020 Campus Plan as a guide
  • Quarterly Reports (Challenges and Recommendations)

The institution also responds to community and territorial needs in allowing community and government agencies to provide input and support (e.g., MPC, disaster center designation) for utilization of facilities.

The processes in place for equipment replacement and maintenance are detailed in the divisional SOPs for MIS, PFM, Procurement, and Finance. The PFM follows a work order request process, which includes maintenance and replacement of air conditioners and heavy equipment. MIS follows a step-by-step process of technology equipment replacement and maintenance. The Procurement procedures are followed for all purchasing and replacement of equipment. Each division responsible for equipment is provided with the following:

  • Updated Technology Replacement plan, AC Maintenance Plan, Facilities Maintenance Plan to align with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Annual Fixed Assets Report
  • Institutional Program Review and Divisional Assessments provide data on the need for equipment and maintenance

The institution evaluates effectiveness of facilities and equipment through regular reporting in the Bi-Weekly Reports and Quarterly Reports. The biennial Institutional Program Review and the annual Divisional Assessment provide the College with an analysis indicating whether the facilities and equipment needs have been met. The Student Satisfaction Surveys administered each semester provide feedback from students on satisfaction of programs and services that includes facilities and equipment.

Divisions responsible for physical resources include the Physical Facilities and Maintenance Division (PFM), Procurement, and MIS. These divisions consistently track the use of physical resources and provide the support and services to all College divisions requesting maintenance, custodial, security, technical assistance and procurement.
The effective use of physical resources is determined through a variety of means. These include the daily usage of Library resources and computer labs, the occupancy per square footage assessment, Classroom Schedule, and the Physical Facility Request Forms.1

1 - ASCC Institutional, Divisional and Analysis and Report: Bi-Weekly Reports: Learning Resource Center-July 4, 2014