American Samoa Community College

16.  Admissions:
The institution has adopted and adheres to admission policies consistent with its mission that specify the qualifications of students appropriate for its programs. (Standard II.C.6)

As an open admission institution the College does not restrict entry but provides for appropriate placement and support to assure that students are able to benefit from ASCC programs. The College Placement Test is administered to evaluate the readiness for College level Math and English. Students may use SAT or ACT scores in lieu of the placement test. Most new students test into developmental courses and are required to complete the College Accelerated Preparatory Program (CAPP), (Math 80/90, English/Reading 70/80/90 and English/Writing 71/81/91) to prepare for College level courses.1

The Admissions Officer, in consultation with Academic Chairpersons, evaluates transcripts of students transferring into the institution so they may be placed appropriately. As the College mission states, ASCC is open to all who can benefit from its programs provided that the following conditions are met:  

  1. The student is a legal resident of American Samoa 
  2. The student is at least 18 years of age 
  3. Student is a high school graduate
  4. Student is a General Education Diploma (GED) recipient 
  5. Student bears a U.S. Military Form DD214