American Samoa Community College

I.A.2. The institution uses data to determine how effectively it is accomplishing its mission, and whether the mission directs institutional priorities in meeting the educational needs of students.

The changes made at the College to comply with this standard were guided by Recommendation 1.

ASCC uses data from its Institutional and Divisional Program Reviews to determine its effectiveness support the mission of the college and identify its priorities.

ASCC has Institutional Student achievement and Institutional Program Review data to determine the accomplishment of its mission statement. Since February 2015, ASCC under the direction of its Leadership Triangle spearheaded the reevaluation and analysis of its Institutional data, reviewed its processes so to determine the College’s Institutional Set Standards. Collaborative effort, broad representation and team work amongst the Leadership Team, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Admission Office, IPECC, ad hoc Academic Excellence Sub Committee, and the Curriculum Committee resulted in the production of ASCC set institutional student achievement standards.1

The Board of Higher Education adopted on August 28, 2015 a new governing policy titled Comprehensive Program Review and Assessment of Instructional Programs, Student Services and Administrative Services (Policy 1004) to make sure all ASCC educational programs and services program review can demonstrate they support the College mission statement.2

The ASCC Acting President provided key constituents with copies of the Participatory Governance Structural Manual (September 25, 2015) which clarifies roles and responsibilities of all internal constituents to ensure institutional effectiveness in reviewing and assessing ASCC mission statement.3

ASCC already has in place the processes that ensure quality programs and services to foster student learning. At the program level, alignment of learning outcomes for all courses is in place. At the institutional level, ASCC has in place the following processes which link to achievement data.

  • Five Year Strategic Plan
  • Institutional Program Review
  • Divisional Assessment
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Course Evaluation

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2 - Governance Policy Manual, Policy 1004 Comprehensive Program Review and Assessment of Instructional Programs, Student Services and Administrative Services, p. 2
3 - Participatory Governance Structural Manual