American Samoa Community College

IV.C.13.  The governing board is informed about the Eligibility Requirements, the Accreditation Standards, Commission policies, accreditation processes, and the college’s accredited status, and supports through policy the college’s efforts to improve and excel.  The board participates in evaluation of governing board roles and functions in the accreditation process.  (Original IV.B.1.i.)

The Board professional development training in January of 2015, which included information about accreditation standards and the accreditation process. During their August 2015 Annual Retreat, the Board participated in the review and approval of policies recommended by the “show cause subcommittees” in order to address the recommendations by the Commission.

The Board takes an active role in the review and approval of Substantive Change Proposals and Special Reports.  Board members receive a draft of the Self Study after the Steering Committee completes its comprehensive review and edit.  Final approval of the Self Study rests with the Board.

Board commitment to SLOs, assessment and institutional improvements, whether identified through Divisional Assessment, Institutional Program Review, the Strategic Plan or the Self Study is demonstrated by approval of the budget that supports improvement.

The Board receives and reviews special or follow-up reports to the Commission and receives all Commission recommendations.  The President and key administrators provide regular updates to the Board on accreditation, assessment, planning, budget and institutional progress, including responses to Commission recommendations.

Through Board professional development activities, interaction with Visiting Teams, and involvement with the Self Study, members are knowledgeable about accreditation standards.