American Samoa Community College

III.D.4.   Institutional planning reflects a realistic assessment of financial resource availability, development of financial resources, partnerships, and expenditure requirements. 

ASCC annually assesses its current and future financial resource availability based on historical financial statements and enrollment data.1Projected financial resources for upcoming fiscal years are allocated for budgetary purposes based on the institution’s priorities.

The ASCC Web Advisor provides regular budgetary and financial data to key users including but not limited to the leadership team. This information is used for continuous budgetary planning, to control expenditures, and assures that the College meets its financial obligations.

ASCC recognizes the importance of assessing its available financial resources accurately to support its mission and institutional effectiveness.  Based on institutional program review and divisional assessments, ASCC develops its funding priorities as outlined in the institutional strategic plan. Student Centeredness is one of ASCC’s core values.  Therefore instructional and other student learning priorities are given high ranking in the order of funding allocation. 2

1 - FY2015 & FY2016 Tuition Revenue Projections
2 - 2015 & 2016 Budget Summary – showing Student Services & Instructional