American Samoa Community College

I.B.9. The institution engages in continuous, broad based, systematic evaluation and planning. The institution integrates program review, planning, and resource allocation into a comprehensive process that leads to accomplishment of its mission and improvement of instructional effectiveness and academic quality. Institutional planning addresses short- and long-range needs for educational programs and services and for human, physical, technology, and financial resources. (ER 19)

The changes made at the College to comply with this standard were guided by Recommendation 1, 2, and 3.

The divisional and institutional program reviews are designed to gather evidence from constituents demonstrating the effectiveness of programs and services. The planning and resource allocation process includes the review and analysis of program review results and dialogue to determine the institution’s priority areas.

Biweekly and Quarterly reports are ways the divisions can report some of the inadequacies with operations or improvements in processes or procedures that make the division’s programs and services more effective. The quarterly reports are self-assessments and divisional plans combined in that the divisions report challenges and make recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are revisited in the subsequent quarter and at the end of the year in the End of Year Summary Report. The bi-weekly and quarterly reports are uploaded on Compliance Assist.

The College’s recent actions to set institutional-set achievement standards and realignment of its practices towards the monitoring, assessing, and evaluating of those standards, provided a clear understanding of the College’s priorities which are focused on student learning.