American Samoa Community College

II.C.1. The institution regularly evaluates the quality of student support services and demonstrates that these services, regardless of location or means of delivery, including distance education and correspondence education, support student learning, and enhance accomplishment of the mission of the institution

The College has qualified Student Services Personnel consisting of the Dean of Student Services, Counselors (Academic, Personal, Transfer/Alumni, Career, Diversity, Veteran Affairs), Admission Officer, Registrar, Librarian, and Financial Aid Officer. These Student Services Personnel are evaluated on an annual basis to ensure the provision of high quality services. In Fall 2015, student support services were consolidated to ensure appropriate and reliable services to students. The College reorganized and placed all student support services with the Division of Student Services (DOSS).

The College evaluates student support services in meeting students’ needs through program review and institutional processes. Program review and analysis of institutional processes identify areas of strengths and areas in need of improvement to support the achievement of SLO. Through broad-based discussions and dialogue of the faculty, staff, leadership, administrators and students, all stakeholders provide input and contribute to the continuity of quality student support services.1

The DOSS takes part in Divisional Assessment-Program Review (DAPR), with results used for evaluating and planning for improvement of student services. The operations are assessed as part of IPR, and on-going activities are reviewed and reported through bi-weekly, quarterly, and annual reports aligned with the mission of the College.2

To ensure quality services on going professional development support is provided to DOSS personnel through attendance of local, regional and national conferences/workshops.3

ASCC provides an appropriate range and scope of student support services to meet the needs of students and support the College’s mission.  DOSS personnel assist students through academic, social, financial, and personal support services on their pathway to success.

Renovations to office space were made to improve accessibility, privacy and accommodate increasing needs of all prospective, new, and continuing students. Student accessibility to the following forms and services are available through the College website.

  • Online registration (On-campus only)
  • Admission Application
  • Transcript Request
  • Financial Aid Handbook
  • Student Handbook
  • 411 Student Newsletter

Presently, structural changes to the college have moved the Library, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Records divisions under the umbrella of the DOSS.4   The current structure combines all necessary student support services for the purpose of meeting the needs of students of ASCC.  The DOSS coordinated SOP 5 will enhance effectiveness and allow for more consistent review and improvement of services. Support services in the area of transfer and the workforce include the development of the Career Transfer Center (CTC).  6

DOSS will move into the Multi-Purpose Center (MPC), currently under construction and anticipated completion by February 2016. The MPC will provide offices for DOSS and space for students’ activities and services, including Student Government Association (SGA) and club meeting rooms and an auditorium for programs and performances.

1 - Participatory Governance Structural Manual, pp. 22-28