American Samoa Community College

II.C.8. The institution maintains student records permanently, securely, and confidentially, with provision for secure backup of all files, regardless of the form in which those files are maintained.  The institution publishes and follows established policies for release of student records. 

Student Records are maintained permanently and securely in fireproof filing cabinets. They are also secured by electronic means via Colleague system. Access to the files is limited to the Records staff and for institutional purposes as protocol applies.  It is the policy of ASCC to subscribe and maintain the requirements of Section 438 of General Education Provision Act, Title IV, of the Public Law 90-247, as amended, and to rules and regulations governing the Act, which protect the privacy right of students.

All student records are securely maintained in the Records Office. ASCC complies and maintains strict compliance adhering to the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.  ASCC publishes information on the requirements for the release of student records in the college catalog, financial aid handbook, and the student handbook.  Information regarding release is part of the New Student Orientation every semester.