American Samoa Community College

4.  Chief Executive Officer
The institution has a chief executive officer appointed by the governing board, whose full-time responsibility is to the institution, and who possesses the requisite authority to administer board policies. Neither the district/system chief executive officer nor the institutional chief executive officer may serve as the chair of the governing board. The institution informs the Commission immediately when there is a change in the institutional chief executive officer.

Dr. Seth P. Galea’i is the President of the American Samoa Community College.  Prior to this office, Dr. Galea’i, as Dean of Academic Affairs and then Vice President, Dr. Galea’i was a key member of the Teacher Education Steering Committee, guiding the development of plans for the B.Ed. program.  The ASCC President is selected by the ASCC Board of Higher Education and has full-time responsibility for executive direction of the College. Dr. Galea’i has a full-time commitment to the Presidency.