American Samoa Community College

III.A.15. The institution makes provision for the security and confidentiality of personnel records.  Each employee has access to his/her personnel records in accordance with law.

ASCC makes extensive provisions for the security and the confidentiality of personnel records. HR records are secured in the Human Resources office, with access restricted to authorized personnel only.1, 2 This is specified in the Governance Policy Manual Section 4205, pgs. 50-51, which also addresses employee access to his/her personnel records in accordance with the law.  The Human Resources Office is charged with the responsibility of implementing these SOPs.

ASCC employees may gain access to their official personnel records by contacting the Human Resources Office and arranging an appointment to view them. These records may not be removed from HR Office, but will be copied for the employee upon written request.

Human Resources Office maintains the official personnel files, and only employees, supervisors and HR staff members have access to the filing cabinets.  When a file is being reviewed, a HR staff is present to ensure that items are placed in files remain in files, and that no materials are added to the file without approval of Human Resource Officer.

1 - Governance Policy Manual, Policy 4205.5 Access to Employee Master File
2 - Governance Policy Manual Policy 4205 Employee Privacy Rule