American Samoa Community College

I.C.14. The institution ensures that its commitments to high quality education, student achievement and student learning are paramount to other objectives such as generating financial returns for investors, contributing to a related or parent organization, or supporting external interests.

The American Samoa Community College’s Mission ensures the community and its students the offering of high quality educational programs and services.  Program offerings provide opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals through transfer to institutions of higher learning, successful entry into the workforce, research and extension in human and natural resources, and awareness of Samoa and the Pacific. 1

All ASCC educational programs are aligned to the mission of the College through its offering of certificates, Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Science degrees, and a Bachelor in Elementary Education degree. Associate of Arts degrees are designed to prepare students to transfer to institutions of higher learning.  Associate of Science degrees and Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Proficiency prepare students to enter into the workforce. ASCC offers eight Associate of Arts Degrees, 18 Associate of Science degrees, one Bachelor in Elementary Education Degree, 22 certificates of proficiency, and six certificates of completion. 2

The College defines, implements, monitors, assesses, and evaluates the achievement of ASCC’s Mission Statement through:

  • Institutional Program Review,
  • Institutional Assessment of Student Learning Programs and Services, and
  • Institutional Planning.

Program Review processes are ongoing, systematic and used to assess and improve student learning and achievement. The results of program review are used to continually refine and improve program practices that are appropriate to improve student achievement and learning.
The institution sets its priorities based on program review results with emphasis on the identified strategic focus areas of the ASCC Institutional Strategic Plan.  These focus areas are Academic Excellence, Technology, Physical Facilities and Maintenance, Staffing, and Total Cost of Ownership. 3
ASCC’s focus on student learning and achievement allows the college to determine the quality of its instructional programs through the setting of student learning outcome measures and institution-set standards as indicators for continual improvements in program review, assessment, and planning. 4

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