American Samoa Community College

IV.C.9.  The governing board has an ongoing training program for board development, including new member orientation.  It has a mechanism for providing continuity of board membership and staggered terms of office. 

The Board’s size is established by Public Law 22-30.  The governing Board consists of 8 members, including the Director of the American Samoa Department of Education.  Six (6) of the seven others are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature.   ASCA Section 16.2002 provides for Board continuity and states that members “shall serve 4 years as not to expire at the same time.  They will serve until their successors have been qualified.” Currently, four board members are serving four year terms and two are serving three year terms.1

Policy 2010 (Board Orientation and Training) requires that “An annual workshop will be conducted to address the training needs of the Board members.” 2 Topics are identified to guide the content of the training. Board members have the opportunity to participate in off-island professional development. 3

Policy 2010.1 (Orientation for New Members) describes the provision of assistance for new members “to assist them in understanding the Board’s functions, policies and procedures.” 4

The Board has increased its knowledge of accreditation standards.  In February 2014, the Board of Higher Education was briefed on the standard IVB.2 on “Board and Administrative Organization” to introduce the standards that apply to the Board.

In April 2014, Dr. Wilson Hess conducted a development workshop for the Board in American Samoa that looked at the "American System of Higher Education Accreditation” and "Trusteeship Best Practices:  The Body of Knowledge."  This workshop helped to ensure the Board is knowledgeable about Accreditation Standards. 

Dr. Hess emphasized the special responsibility of the Board “to students for the quality and value of their educational experience.”