American Samoa Community College

III.C.5.  The institution has policies and procedures that guide the appropriate use of technology in the teaching and learning processes. 

ASCC uses the Acceptable Usage Policy to guide the appropriate use of technology. This is in accordance with Policy 4410 Acceptable use of ASCC E-mail and Internet Services and Policy 4411 Acceptable and the safe use of Equipment & Property in the ASCC Governance Manual.1 These policies ensure that technology is to be used for ASCC business to support student learning and not other purposes.

The ASCC Acceptable Usage Policy is made available on the ASCC website under Technology Support page as well as the Academic Policies page. Users access ASCC computers using their ASCC login. These logins are provided only after an approved ASCC E-mail / Domain Account Request form is received by MIS. This form is approved by the Division Head and initialed by Human Resources to verify employment with ASCC. When the user signs this form, they agree to adhere to the rules governing ASCC technology usage provided in the Acceptable Usage Policy.2

As stated before, divisions are responsible for the purchase of equipment with divisional budget. However, MIS does provide assistance to programs that have no funding for technology equipment. As part of the replacement and disposal process3 if any division replaces technology, the items replaced are to be transferred to MIS to be documented and cleared of any data. If the equipment is still in good condition, the equipment may be redistributed to other divisions to be used.