American Samoa Community College

III.C.3.  The institution assures that technology resources at all locations where it offers courses, programs, and services are implemented and maintained to assure reliable access, safety, and security.

The MIS division provides drafts of policies and plans for Administrative review and enforces approved policies on management, maintenance and operation of the technological infrastructure. MIS schedules maintenance for all computer lab computers during semester breaks. All computers are reloaded and cleared of any files. Antivirus and spam programs are run, and updates are installed. For computers that are not in the computer labs, this is done as requested by the users. MIS manages a Windows Update as well as an Antivirus server that provides updates and antivirus scanning for all ASCC computers at regular intervals.

In accordance with the replacement and disposal process, computers should be replaced every five years.1 The student technology fee allows for funding for this policy to be actively enforced within the computer labs. Each ASCC division purchases its own equipment and must include this as a line item during the budget development process. MIS collaborates on the replacement of the computers in accordance with TCO guidelines; however, replacing computers depends on each division’s decision. MIS enforces this policy by not supporting equipment that is obsolete.

MIS provides backup for all the servers. MIS uses file servers and Network Access Storage units to provide shared folders for divisions as requested. All files placed on these shared media are backed up by MIS. The backup of individual employee computers is the responsibility of the user.

ASCC maintains a backup generator that allows for all servers to stay operational even during electrical outages. The setup makes it possible for the generator to automatically start up when the regular service fails.

ASCC has processes in place to provide for system reliability and emergency backup. MIS has recently purchased more safety supplies such as fire extinguishers for each MIS office, especially the server room.

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